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WordPress Listens to Their Customer Audience

October 22, 2009

Several months ago WordPress announced the introduction of their own url shortening service under the branded domain.

At the time, I congratulated the WordPress staff on their blog while also asking when or if I could ever Tweet WordPress blog posts directly to my Twitter account.

The Official WordPress blog approves or disapproves comments and my suggestion went – for what seemed like an eternity – without being published.

Then within the last week or two, WordPress announced their new Publicize feature which Tweets WordPress blog posts directly to Twitter accounts.

I thought – unbelievable, Are you kidding me WordPress?!

As a consultant I am used to sharing strategies and techniques for growing businesses with my clients, but I provide them because my clients reciprocate by paying my fees.

Sharing ideas freely on the web is a requisite for participating in web culture yet not giving credit where credit is due is what keeps additional ideas from flowing and then multiplying.

This morning I woke up thinking about the above process and how I was going to write about how my suggestion had been perpetually embargoed in an approval que at WordPress while they went ahead and launched their Publicize to Twitter service.

To my surprise, my comment and suggestion were actually published several weeks ago while also being acknowledged by Automattic’s User Engagement head @Wordpress –  Heather.

Wordpress Listens to Their Customer Audience

Wordpress Listens to Their Customer Audience

Congratulations WordPress… you not only listen to your customer audience, you also act on that which you have heard.


An IP Question For The Associated Press

October 14, 2009

Today I read an Associated Press article on Crain’s New York Business site about the Wall Street Journal overtaking USA Today as the top circulated newspaper in America.

I thought the article was interesting and decided to Tweet it for others to see.

Only after I Tweeted the article’s link – did I notice the following Associated Press claim:

©Copyright 2009 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Does my Tweeting their article violate the terms of their copyright claim?

Does Tweeting or Retweeting an Associated Press article constitute “broadcast” or “redistributed” material?

Does adding a url shortening link to an article’s original page address qualify as being “rewritten”?

If so, shouldn’t the Associated Press modify their copyright claim to include Tweet or ReTweet like my example below?

©Copyright 2009 Tim Cohn. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed, tweeted or retweeted.

Or are Tweet related copyright claims unnecessary?

I am not an IP attorney, however if you are an IP Attorney – feel free to tackle this question.

My First WordPress Blog Tweet to Twitter

October 8, 2009 has announced a new feature called Publicize which let WordPress publishers tweet their blog posts directly to their Twitter account.

The feature is enabled from WordPress Dashboard’s → My Blogs admin page.

Enable Account To Tweet

Enable Account To Tweet

Once enabled, WordPress users are directed through an authorization procedure to confirm that they want to connect their blog and their Twitter account.

Wordpress Twitter Authorization

Wordpress Twitter Authorization

After Twitter allows access to a WordPress blog, the blogger’s account will display a message showing a successful connection has been made.

Successful Connection to Twitter

Successful Connection to Twitter

I assume publishing a WordPress blog post then automatically Tweets the post and it’s WordPress shortened url (Wp.Me) to the previously selected Twitter account.

Twitter Accounts Being Hacked?

August 18, 2009

Today I received a direct message from my personal trainer that was out of character for two reasons.

1. The direct message was about weight loss – which neither of us are in need of.

2. My personal trainer barely knows how to use Twitter let alone direct message me.

Twitter Direct Message

Twitter Direct Message

Ordinarily, I would have chalked up this type of abnormal behavour as just that – abnormal.

However, my personal trainer is a pretty normal guy.

Once I received his direct message this evening I called him and asked him if he had sent it and he said no -what is it?

His response in turn made me question the series of Tweets his account posted yesterday that were also out of character.

His Tweets were about how much money he was making on Google.

Again totally out of character for my personal trainer.

Twitter Hacked

Twitter Hacked

What was even more revealing about his Tweets was they were each posted via API.

API is a term my personal trainer doesn’t know the meaning of – let alone have access to or use.

I decided to search Twitter for the url embedded in his Twitter Direct Message to see if it was being widely Tweeted by other Twitter users.

Twitter Accounts Being Hacked

Twitter Accounts Being Hacked

Yep – appears to be.

Based on the frequency and number of accounts Tweeting with this particular weight loss domain embedded in each Tweet leads me to conclude: Twitter accounts are being hacked en masse.

A search for “direct message” in Twitter search also reveals Twitter account holders asking their followers whether they sent the “weight loss” direct message or not.

The hacked accounts appear to be mostly lower Tweet volume accounts.

New Twitter Followers and Following Layout

June 30, 2009

Twitter is now displaying two new viewing options – List or Expanded – for a Twitter account’s Following and Followers on

The Expanded Twitter view includes the last post from each account and a green check mark if the Twitter account is being followed.

New Twitter Followers Expanded

New Twitter Followers Expanded

In the Expanded view, two drop down boxes accompany each Followers account – a “Twitter Silhoutte” for following the follower –

Twitter Silhouette Follow

Twitter Silhouette Follow

and an Twitter options box for mentioning, direct messaging, following or blocking a follower.

Twitter Options Box

Twitter Options Box

The Twitter Followers list format provides the same options boxes without the Follower’s latest Tweet visible.

New Twitter Followers List

New Twitter Followers List

The same viewing options are available under “Following”.

Now if Twitter could only make Followers and Following lists searchable…