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Google Adwords Conversion Optimizer

December 6, 2009

Has your Google Adwords account had 30 conversions in the last 30 days?

If so, your Adwords account is eligible for Conversion Optimizer.

Campaigns Eligible For Conversion Optimizer

Campaigns Eligible For Conversion Optimizer

In the following video, Google shows how advertisers using Conversion Optimizer can achieve double digit % increases in conversions while paying the same or less for each conversion.

I have tried Conversion Optimizer several times but haven’t yet been able to beat my account’s existing transaction volume or average costs per conversion.


Microsoft adCenter Spring Update

May 27, 2009

Microsoft adCenter has added several new features this spring to help advertisers: 1).  Save time managing their campaigns, 2). Give them more control over content ads distribution, and 3). Efficiently maintain their accounts to help improve performance.

Specifically the Microsoft adCenter Spring Upgrade gives advertisers the ability to:

•    Apply customer targets and incremental bids at the campaign level.

•    Generate new keywords with improved research and refinement tools.

•    Set and monitor bids with the improved default bid feature.

•    Exclude up to 500 websites where you do not want your content ads to appear.

Microsoft adCenter believes these new feature will help advertisers’ supercharge their ROI.