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March 2010 Online Video Usage

May 3, 2010

From the Nielsen Company:

The number of unique viewers of online video increased 1.3% year-over-year, from 130.1 million unique viewers in March 2009 to 131.7 million in March 2010, according to VideoCensus data.

March 2010 Online Video Usage

March 2010 Online Video Usage

Among the top Web brands ranked by unique viewers in January, Google was the fastest growing month-over-month, increasing 122.9%. Disney Online and Yahoo! were the second and third fastest growing, increasing 40.3% and 19.4% month-over-month, respectively.

Top Online Video Brands 2010

Without 1.3% year over year unique visitor growth, the category as a whole contracted.

While online video usage surely hasn’t peaked, it appears individual users appetites for online video consumption have shrunk.