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Live Blogging and President Obama in Canada – Two Firsts

February 19, 2009

Today is U.S. President Barack Obama’s first trip outside the United States since becoming President.

Today is also the first time a U.S. President – albeit through his new media staffer Jason Djang – has live blogged from the road.

From the White House Blog: The first live blog post from the White House:

President Obama is on his first foreign trip today — to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. He’ll meet with Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Leader of the Official Opposition Michael Ignatieff, as well as US Embassy employees and their families. White House New Media staffer Jason Djang is along for the ride and will be liveblogging from the road.

The first live blog post from the White House:

9:12 a.m.: Just loaded press bus bound for Parliament. We landed ahead of AF1 and will get to Parliament ahead of POTUS, so no reports on him. Ottawa is white, and the snow’s still coming down. Police are on snowmobiles. About to head out.

For more details about President Barack Obama’s activities abroad visit the White House blog.

If the White House blog accepted Trackbacks, would this blog receive the first trackback posted on the White House blog?


TED: Live Blogging (Tweeting) By Some of The World’s Brightest People

February 4, 2009

Twelve years ago, I read an article about Richard Saul Wurman the co-founder of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference and I have been intrigued with TED ever since.

The annual TED conference is happening now in Long Beach, CA.

This year a convergence of the latest technology and new communication habits provides a rare glimpse into conferences like TED.

In this case, attendees at the TED conference who are Twitter users are Tweeting their individual impression of what is being said on stage by TED presenters.

Searching Twitter for TED effectively reverse engineers TED’s Tweeting audience which in turn provides a rich source of innovative thinkers for – those who are interested – to follow on Twitter.

For instance, 297 Tweets related to the TED conference have occurred since I began writing this post.

Ted Tweets

Ted Tweets

Most Tweets pertained to Tim Berners-Lee who just suggested to the audience they share their raw data over the web.

Many TED attendees have since provided the link to Tim Berners-Lee’s TED presentation which is here.

Searching Twitter for TED will provide any searcher with their own list of some of the world’s brightest people.