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Sarasota Ritz Carlton Celebration

September 9, 2006

In the Ted Nicholas book Magic Words Will Bring You Riches, Ted lists a number of practical communication strategies for influencing people. I have tried and proven several of his strategies work and now practice them in my daily life. One strategy he recommends is to mention you are celebrating when making reservations.

My wife and I are are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary over a four day weekend getaway at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, Florida.

My wife booked our trip and per Ted’s recommendation notified the reservations staff of our anniversary celebration plans.

When we got to our club level room, we were surprised to find rose petals spread in the shape of a heart on our bed. If I had only thought of doing this just once over the past sixteen years.

Her mention of our celebration plans have also seemingly been spread to all of the hotel staff. An incredible feat considering the scope and size of this property.

We celebrated our anniversary at the Ritz Carlton Members Beach Club. We were treated to a personalized photograph and frame which included the date of our anniversary. Not once in sixteen years have we ever received a complimentary photograph and frame of a dining experience.

On the second day of our trip, I noticed something which I believe has set our Ritz Carlton experience apart from nearly every other.

Every staff member wears a radio and headset. They communicate with other hotel staff members about our needs and movement throughout the property. They have even went so far as to have the valet bring our car around without our having to ask him to get it. Sounds pretty simple. Yet when you are on the receiving end of this level of personalized attention and service, you realize why the Ritz Carlton brand enjoys the reputation it does.

Isn’t this marketing and marketing communications at its purest? Identify and when possible even anticipate your customers needs and wants while also allocating the resources for their fulfillment.

Next time you are making hotel or dinner reservations let them know you will be celebrating and see if you too have a Ritz Carlton like experience.