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Comedy Central Bob Saget Roast

August 15, 2008

Several years ago after watching Stephen Colbert interview Rev. Al Sharpton, I signed up for a Comedy Central “account” to post on their blog and view video highlights of The Daily Show and later The Colbert Report.

I provided my email address and “opted in” to receive email notifications about Comedy Central’s shows and specials.

Infrequently – possibly once a week – I get an email from Comedy Central about upcoming guests on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. More often than not I ignore their emails because I regularly watch both shows instead of the local news.

Today, however, I got an email from Comedy Central promoting their upcoming roast of Bob Saget hosted by roastmaster John Stamos.

Bob Saget Roast

Bob Saget Roast

I love Comedy Central roasts!

Because I love them and I am always in the market for them, their email grabbed my attention and made a sale so to speak ie., I clicked open their email where I then found an extended video trailer and details about the comedians who will be roasting Bob Saget Sunday night.

Their extended video trailer was entertaining – except for of course – the embedded pre-roll advertising.

Had I not been reached today by Comedy Central’s email marketing campaign, I could have easily forgotten about the Bob Saget roast and in turn missed some good Sunday night laughs.

Instead, it’s highly likely I will remember to watch the Bob Saget roast this weekend.

What is highly unlikely is my remembering which company’s ad I muted while waiting for their pre-roll ad to finishing rolling.

Google Maps and User-Created Content Spam?

February 27, 2008

Nature abhors a vacuum and apparently so does the relatively new user-created content section of Google Maps.

Today while drilling down into Google Maps to inspect local Google Adwords placements, I discovered the user-created content section of Google Maps has been overrun if not monopolized by spammers.

The spam isn’t exactly visible from the surface, however I am not so sure these are the types of results Google wants its Google Maps users to find.

Aren’t all forms of platform level user-created content ultimately a vacuum waiting to be filled with spam?

Are the following results spam or are they “content”?

1. Google Maps User Created Content: User created content

Google Maps User created content Image 1

2. Google Maps User Created Content: User-created content Results 1-10

Google Maps User created content Image 2

3. Google Maps User Created Content: D. “Work from home, easy…

“Work from home, easy… Oklahoma City OK …the email ‘Payment for Internet Marketing’. THIS KEEPS THE PROGRAM …that says ‘Payment for Internet Marketing 5th’. Once you have . …1 of 50 placemarks in Yakaz –”

Google Maps User created content Image 3

4. Google Maps User Created Content: “Displaying content from”

“The content overlaid onto this map is provided by a third party, and Google is not responsible for it.”

Google Maps User created content Image 4