Comedy Central Bob Saget Roast

Several years ago after watching Stephen Colbert interview Rev. Al Sharpton, I signed up for a Comedy Central “account” to post on their blog and view video highlights of The Daily Show and later The Colbert Report.

I provided my email address and “opted in” to receive email notifications about Comedy Central’s shows and specials.

Infrequently – possibly once a week – I get an email from Comedy Central about upcoming guests on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. More often than not I ignore their emails because I regularly watch both shows instead of the local news.

Today, however, I got an email from Comedy Central promoting their upcoming roast of Bob Saget hosted by roastmaster John Stamos.

Bob Saget Roast

Bob Saget Roast

I love Comedy Central roasts!

Because I love them and I am always in the market for them, their email grabbed my attention and made a sale so to speak ie., I clicked open their email where I then found an extended video trailer and details about the comedians who will be roasting Bob Saget Sunday night.

Their extended video trailer was entertaining – except for of course – the embedded pre-roll advertising.

Had I not been reached today by Comedy Central’s email marketing campaign, I could have easily forgotten about the Bob Saget roast and in turn missed some good Sunday night laughs.

Instead, it’s highly likely I will remember to watch the Bob Saget roast this weekend.

What is highly unlikely is my remembering which company’s ad I muted while waiting for their pre-roll ad to finishing rolling.


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