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If Google Doesn’t Want Searchers To Find Web Designers And SEOs; What Does Google Want Searchers To Find?

January 1, 2010

Matt McGee wrote an interesting post about how geo-modified searches for web designers and SEOs no longer produces a one / two / three box, seven or ten pack set of local business listings in Google.

The title of McGee’s post – “Google Doesn’t Want Searchers To Find SEOs & Web Designers” also begs the question and the title of this post: “If Google Doesn’t Want Searchers To Find Web Designers and SEOs; What Does Google Want Searchers To Find?”

Since its unlikely Google would ever answer the question directly, I think screen shots of the same searches McGee ran might shed some light on what searchers and small business owners can expect to find going forward in lieu of finding one box, two / three / seven or ten packs of web marketing or online advertising related local business listings.

Below are the results I found when searching for “web design seattle” and “seo seattle wa” albeit while searching from Colorado.

Web Design Seattle

Web Design Seattle

What if any similarities could you find between the the two sets of search results?

SEO Seattle WA

SEO Seattle WA

If yours is one of the many types of marketing or advertising firms which ultimately may be affected by these recent search results changes, what actions if any should you be taking to minimize these new potential risks to your business?