Novice SEO Pitch

New SEO salesman are similar to other media sales people particularly those who are new to the business.

Traditional media sales people often canvas other media’s advertisers in an attempt to generate leads for their media offer over the advertiser’s existing media advertising preference.

New SEO “media” salesman often take a page from their traditional media contemporaries with one notable exception – they don’t canvass other media for prospects – they look for prospects in of all places – search engines!

The problem with this strategy is that unless the prospector drills down beyond the fifth or six page of results for a particular query, they end up contacting a business who already knows enough about search engine placement to be visible in search results to begin with!

This results in the SEO salesperson contacting prospects usually via their “contact us” form who are most likely not in the market for their services because their site is already present in search engine results pages.

SEO Comments

SEO Comments

Although the SEO salesman in the example above may claim use of white hat tactics for getting a website on the first page of Google, he obviously isn’t aware his hat is also pointy.


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