Twitter Analyzer: Twitter Audience Segmentation

According to its site, is the most advanced Twitter account analytics system in the world.

I am not sure how their claim can be confirmed, however their site does parse Twitter account data into segments I hadn’t yet seen.

Twitter Analyzer users can view an account by Tweets, Chats, Popularity, Reach, Subjects, HashTags, Links and Apps.

Twitter Analyzer Tweets

Twitter Analyzer Tweets

Tweets graph a Twitter account’s Tweet activity over a thirty day period.

Twitter Analyzer Reach

Twitter Analyzer Reach

Twitter Analyzer reach charts the reach of a Twitter account daily over a thirty day period.

Twitter Analyzer Subjects

Twitter Analyzer Subjects

My favorite charts at Twitter Analyzer are the ones for Subjects and Hashtags.

Subjects produces a graph of the top ten subjects tweeted from an account in both descending order and via pie chart.

Twitter Analyzer Hashtags

Twitter Analyzer Hashtags

Hashtags presents Twitter account hashtag data also in both a descending frequency order and by pie chart.

If you have someone you are following who has Tweeted a lot, Twitter Analyzer tools can provide data centric insight into which segment of the Twitter audience their messaging most likely resonates.


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