Vivu.TV @ AlwaysOn Summit

As mentioned here and on my personal blog, I attended the AlwaysOn Summit @ Stanford last week and was impressed by the degrees of innovation discussed not only from within the panels and the Summit’s speakers but also that which was applied by the AlwaysOn conference itself.

As a virtual conference attendee, my experience was made entirely possible by technology that was  incorporated into the show’s production.

Vivu.TV was the webcast / video provider for AlwaysOn and their technology made my virtual attendance possible.



More about Vivu.TV from their website:

Founded by startup veterans from Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and a team of IIT graduates, ViVu develops first-of-its-kind Participative Event Platform that enables live video participation from a PC, Mac or Linux without any proprietary downloads and seamlessly integrates with most of the popular streaming video and conference solutions.

The team developed the first enterprise quality video over IP a decade ago and is now building a participative platform that scales and provides the ease-of-use, quality and availability expected in an enterprise. ViVu solution is targeted at enterprises and is being used in a variety of ways: remote training courses, sales training on new products, and remote live video caller participation during Webcasts.

Like their site says – I am a Mac user and I was easily able to log into and participate in the AlwaysOn conference without having to download anything.

Peter Drucker defined Innovation as “a new dimension of performance”.

If Mr. Drucker were alive today, I am pretty sure the Vivu.TV “participative event platform” would qualify under his definition of innovation.


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