Firefox Beta 3.1, Google Search and Poll Daddy

I have downloaded and started using Firefox Beta 3.1 and I’ve immediately noticed some new features.

Search terms are now highlighted in search results pages.

Google 3.1b1

Google 3.1b1

This feature highlights searched for terms in bold wherever they appear within the search results page.

By reducing the eye focusing labor required in the browsing process, Firefox Beta 3.1 makes searching for and finding what you are looking for much easier.

Search terms are highlighted in search results within Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.

I haven’t yet checked site search or any other search engine.

Firefox 3.1b1

Firefox 3.1b1

In Firefox 3.1, when a RSS is available from a particular site, the RSS icon is displayed in the far right end of the address bar.

Displaying the RSS button in the address bar makes subscribing to any web site’s feed far easier than hunting down the RSS button within a particular site.

Firefox Beta 3.1 Address Bar RSS

Firefox Beta 3.1 Address Bar RSS

RSS feed sources aren’t often easily located through a site’s internal search.

If I haven’t been able to locate a site’s syndication button from within a couple of clicks of a site’s home page, I will search Google for RSS XML and the domain name or business publication I want a subscription to.

The Google search query looks like this: “get RSS XML Adweek”

Google Search RSS XML

Google Search RSS XML

This type of search query will usually produce the RSS feeds page address – if there is one – within the first two search results for any web site – large or small.

Firefox Beta 3.1 new features make browsing more intuitive and working online more efficient.

Take the Firefox Beta 3.1 poll with the new WordPress Poll Daddy polling tool:

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