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New York’s Hudson River US Airways Plane Crash on Twitter ✈

January 15, 2009

Twitter has got quite a jump on Google Trends vis-a-vis its near real time “reporting” of the events surrounding the US Airways plane crash out of New York’s LaGuardia airport into the Hudson River.

In fact Google Trends is still showing four hour old data which predates the plane crash and thus doesn’t include any searches for US Airways, New York’s LaGuardia let alone Hudson River, plane or crash.

Google Trends

Google Trends

On the other hand, Twitter’s “Trending Topics” which is Twitter’s version of the Zeitgeist  is topped by searches related to the Hudson River plane crash.

Twitter’s top searches at the moment include Hudson River, US Airways, New York’s Hudson and LaGuardia.

Twitter Trending Topics

Twitter Trending Topics

Searching Twitter’s Trending topics doesn’t require having a Twitter account and its a great tool for tapping into yet another level of public consciousness.

Via Twitter and Mahalo: Photos of the US Airways plane in the Hudson River.