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Top 10 Marketing Tips from Google for 2009

January 6, 2009

The Google Conversion Room blog has posted their Top 10 Marketing Tips specifically for 2009 and the current economic climate.

Google 2009 Marketing Tips 1 – 6:

1. Adapt your message to suit today’s climate
2. Track your spend and bid strategically
3. Learn how users engage with your website
4. Increase the value of your website
5. Understand what consumers are searching for
6. Take advantage of the Google network

To see the remainder of Google’s Top 10 Marketing Tips for 2009, checkout Google’s Conversion Room blog.


Domain Name Registration Statistics

September 19, 2008

Verisign the global registry operator for .com and .net, has published its September 2008 Domain Name Industry Brief.

Some report highlights:

By mid 2008 there were 168 million domain name registrations across all of the Top Level Domain Names (TLDs).

Domain registrations increased four percent over the first quarter of 2008 and grew 22 percent over the same quarter last year.

The base of Country Code Top Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) totaled 65 million domain names. Country Code Top Level Domain Names had a four percent increase quarter over quarter and a 27 percent increase year over year.

In terms of total domain name registrations, .com has the highest base followed by .de (Germany), .cn (China), and .net.

Rounding out the list of largest TLDs, .uk and .org had approximately the same number of registrations.

Domain Industry Registration Growth:

The number of new domain name registrations across all TLDs in the second quarter of 2008 was 11.7 million.

This represented a decline of new registrations by 18 percent from a very strong first quarter and eight percent from second quarter 2007, driven largely by a decline in Country Code Top Level Domain growth.

The decrease in domain name registrations reflects seasonal slowing historically seen in the second quarter.

“The composition of the domain name industry and rank order in terms of base size remained relatively constant with the largest TLDs remaining in the same rank order.”

Domain Registration Statistics

Domain Registration Statistics

The top ten largest Top Level Domains in terms of base size according to Verisign were:

1) .com
2) .de
3) .cn
4) .net
5) .uk
6) .org
7) .info
8 ) .nl (The Netherlands)
9) .eu (European Union)
10) .biz

Top 10 Internet Yellow Pages Searches

August 27, 2008

From the Yellow Pages Association:

According to research firm Knowledge Networks/SRI, the Top 10 category searches among 2007’s 3.8 billion total IYP (online) searches were:

1. Restaurants
2. Physicians & Surgeons
3. Hotels
4. Auto Repairing & Service
5. Florists-Retail
6. Auto Dealers-New & Used
7. Dentists
8. Auto Parts & Supplies – New & Used
9. Beauty Salons (tie)
10. Hospitals (tie)

According to Larry Small, research director at YPA: “It may come as a surprise to some but the top 10 IYP headings mirror the top 10 print Yellow Pages headings — typically because these headings drive so many on and offline queries. These differences can be attributed to differences in consumer’s local search needs for product vs. service-oriented information and long-term vs. short-term purchase plans.”

Their research profile of IYP users shows that:

— 63% are female
— 89% are aged 25-64
— 54% are college graduates
— 42% have lived at the same address for 10+ years

The top (Offline) 20 Yellow Pages Headings for 2007 in numeric order followed by their number of references were:
Rank / Heading / Classification (millions)

1. Restaurants-Fast Food-Other & Non Specific 1,288.4
2. Physician & Surgeons-Specialist & Non Specific 1,122.7
3. Automobile Parts-New & Used 485.2
Automobile Parts-New 312.2
Automobile Parts-Used 173.0
4. Automobile Repairing & Service 411.9
5. Pizza 317.7
6. Automobile Dealers-New & Used 266.0
Automobile Dealers-New 189.7
Automobile Dealers-Used 76.2
7. Attorneys/Lawyers 260.6
8. Dentists 246.7
9. Plumbing Contractors 228.6
10. Beauty Salons 203.7
11. Hospitals 199.8
12. Department Stores 195.5
13. Insurance 183.8
14. Veterinarians 171.4
15. Hardware-Retail 145.7
16. Tire Dealers 142.4
17. Pharmacies or Drug Stores 130.8
18. Theaters 126.2
19. Florists-Retail 120.5
20. Banks 115.5