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Google Places: Google?

November 10, 2010

With the recent launch of Google Places, I have become more interested in learning what is any differences exist between Places and Google’s other local search engine property – Google Maps.

While I am still in the research phase, I have found one puzzling result in both Google Places and Google Maps – a search for “Google” itself.

While Google Places and Google Maps use a searchers IP address or Google account to determine a searchers address and intent, neither property has yet figured out how to properly deliver the correct search results for “Google”.

Google Places Google

Google Places Google

This same search result error occurred for several years in Google Maps and now seems to have made its way over to Google Places.

Google Maps Google

Google Maps Google

To Google’s credit, searching for Google directly from Google Maps doesn’t appear to produce this type of search result any longer.

However, the errors do occur after searching on and then clicking the Places or Maps tab which Google apparently interprets as a new search for local results.

Regardless, I don’t think searchers or Google the brand are expecting these types of search results for the keyword Google in either Google Places or Google Maps.

Do you get the same results in Google Places and Google Maps at your place or is this just a one off search results error?