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Customized Search Results

October 10, 2008

Google has started delivering customized search results for local searches.

Customized Search Results

Customized Search Results

How does Google decide which queries are getting which area’s results?

If I were to venture a guess, I would say they will begin distributing search results within a scheme similar to Nielsen’s Designated Market Areas (DMA).

The timing for this new type of search result appears to coincide with the present United States economic cycle.

More about Google’s new customized search results:

Search Customization Details

Search Customization Details

Search Customization Details

Top 6 Market Research Firms

October 7, 2008

From the Wall Street Journal – Market researcher Taylor Nelson Sofres agreed Monday to be acquired by WPP Group for £1.1 billion ($1.95 billion).

With this acquisition WPP becomes the world’s largest marketing company overtaking Omnicom Group.

According to the WSJ: “Many research products, such as television ratings and retail market-share data, typically continue selling well even when advertising demand slackens.”

Now the top six market research firms worldwide and their revenues, in billions are:

Top 6 Market Research Firms

Top 6 Market Research Firms

Nielsen $4.7

Kantar (WPP) / Taylor Nelson Sofres $4.0

IMS $2.2

GfK $1.6

Ipsos $1.3

Synovate $0.9