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Local Listing; National Google Maps Search Result

January 10, 2011

Over the last several months, one of the top search queries appearing in my Google Places dashboard has been “AdWords”.


My market isn’t known for outsize Google AdWords demand.

At quick look in Google Maps with my location set yields a first place listing in Google Maps for AdWords.

Google Maps Location Set

Google Maps Location Set


Problem is – I just don’t think local search traffic alone could account for the traffic showing up in my Google Places dashboard for AdWords.

I then decided to search Google Maps without having set my default location.

Google Maps Sans Default Location

Google Maps Sans Default Location

A search for AdWords in Google Maps without setting a default location produces a set of results for the entire U.S.

The results were somewhat surprising…

Again a first place listing for AdWords.

This time though for the entire list of Adwords results in Google Maps within the United States…

Google Maps U.S. Results Adwords

Google Maps U.S. Results Adwords

This type of search result could explain why I am seeing Adwords as one of the top local search queries in my Google Places account.


Google Maps Search Results

August 14, 2009

I have noticed in my Google Local Business Center stats, my primary marketing site receives a lot of generic search queries from across the US each month.

After seeing some of the keyword phrases my site is placing for in Google Maps, I decided to to try and replicate the same search results from different parts of the US while on a summer road trip.

I cleared my cookies and ran the searches from a classic Google home page without logging into my Google account.

To verify the authenticity of the Google Maps search results my Local Business Center stats showed my site recieving, I also ran the same keyword search queries from my son’s laptop.

Somewhat surprisingly, my business “Advanced Marketing Consultants” places first for more than a handful of what would otherwise be considered valuable search queries.

Results like the number one result out of 287,034 for “marketing consultants” below also explain why my Google Local Business Center analytics report at least once a month fielding driving direction searches from locations as far away as one hundred miles from my office location.

Google Maps Search

Google Maps Search