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Search Patent Application Of The Day: Demand Media’s SpamSense

February 8, 2011

I don’t know how a company can apply for a patent for matching content supply with search demand but apparently Demand Media has applied for just such a patent.

SpamSense Patent

SpamSense Patent

The Demand Media Patent Aplication Description:

Method and System for Ranking of Keywords for Profitability

The Demand Media Patent Application Abstract:

A physical computing device receives information regarding a total number of people who are searching on the search term. Information is received regarding an amount advertisers pay for the search term. Information is received regarding a click through rate of the search term. A traffic estimate of the search term is determined. Longevity of the search term is determined.


The Billion Dollar Question

May 21, 2010

What content business models will come after Associated Content and Demand Media?

Hasn’t the time already came and went for their Contentster like business models?

What’s next?

If news isn’t transactional for either large or small advertisers then isn’t the answer obvious?

Won’t the transactional vertical be where the money is at?

Or will horizontal page view display advertising plays like Associated Content and Demand Media continue to attract investment capital?

More details as they become available…