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Unavoidable, Unforgetable and Unbelievable Results?

November 9, 2008

Today while returning along with my wife from her 25th college reunion in Dallas, TX, I noticed at least a dozen unsold billboards along the roadside on our 200+ mile drive.

Some billboard company’s had removed the previous expired ads and filled the unsold inventory with their own corporate sales message.

Others displayed public service announcements.

Another billboard was still advertising an event held back in June 2008.

One common recurring billboard message was “Available”.

On more than one occasion,  I noticed an “available” billboard with the following message:

Unavoidable Unforgettable Unbelievable Results!

Come on!


Yes, to a degree.

Both drivers and passengers traveling over long stretches of highway may be captive audiences who find it difficult to avoid billboard sales messages – but what happens to advertisers messages when drivers and passengers aren’t paying attention to billboard advertisements but instead are paying attention to the road?


Surely not…

I can’t remember a single ad I saw other than those I am writing about now.




Unbelievable… with so much of today’s advertising being tuned out – it is hard to believe billboards produce any “results” at all.

What businesses can claim “results” from billboard advertising other than road side establishments and the billboard company running the ad?

Examples of any other businesses who see “results” from billboard advertising would indeed be unbelievable.

Could this be the reason why so many billboards are now “Available”?

Tray Table Advertising: Will It Fly?

August 25, 2008

New York based Brand Connections has an exclusive license for selling ads on a patented tray table advertising system for passenger Airlines.

Imagine traveling with some brand’s message for 8 hours to Europe.

brand connections

brand connections

Tray Table Advertising gives new meaning to marketing to a “captive audience.”