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February 19, 2008

I recently had approximately 1,000 of my warehoused and indexed domains along with their accompanying websites deleted from Google. Google also stopped delivering Adsense ads units on all of my sites that were hosted at

I don’t know whether’s new customers will initially have the same experience I did, but I imagine they too will end up experiencing the same results I did – sooner or later.

Normally, I like to Beta test software or services for an extended period of time before I roll it out across my network. I tested several sites at for nearly ten months with no adverse effects. Doing so still didn’t stop what have now become obvious and painful results.

And I thought I was already a dubious buyer of nearly all purported “time” and “money” saving internet software and services prior to buying software services from…

AdSense Delivering Blank Results on Some Sites

As many of you have noticed, AdSense ads started appearing as blank spaces last weekend for some sites. Many sites have not been affected and continue to show AdSense without issue. Google’s response is that they have started to stop serving ads on selected sites where content is largely the same as other sites in their AdSense network. This is not just an issue that has affected WhyPark, but also other networks and individual sites. We haven’t been able to determine what makes them pick one site over another.If any of your sites have been affected, we would recommend adding code from another network to your pages temporarily. When you login to WhyPark, click on the Earn Revenue tab. We’ve updated this page with some of the popular advertising networks.We have been diligently working this week to address these changes. We were able to sign contracts with several ad networks to start integrating ads directly into WhyPark sites. This will provide us with several enhancements including the ability to have more control over the layout and placement of ads within pages. We’ll also begin split testing networks across sites and categories to determine which networks will provide the highest revenue to you based on each site’s theme and category. We’ll keep you posted as these networks are integrated and how it will all work. The option will be yours to choose WhyPark network ads, or continue to use your own advertising network’s code.

We’ve contracted with ClickForensics to ensure that all clicks originating from WhyPark sites to our new ad partners are of the highest quality. This will ultimately earn WhyPark customers higher revenue per click and maintain our credibility for advertisers.

Since our last email, the following new features have been added:1. New Templates including images. You can also use the new placeholder to bring category-specific images into your templates. Be sure that you have selected the category that best matches your site’s theme to bring in the most relevant images.2. Community Tab in the Domain Manager: We’re looking to truly create a close relationship with our customers. The community tab is just the beginning of a number of features that are in development to enhance our communication with you, get answers to questions back more effectively and develop a tight community of WhyPark users.The first two additions under the Community tab are Update Posts and User Suggestions. The Update Posts link shows what new features are available with the newest feature being shown on the Domain Manager’s home page. User Suggestions is a place where you can suggest features that you’d like to see at WhyPark. You can also vote on suggestions that have been made. We’ll then develop the most popular suggestions as new features.

The past few weeks have been busier than ever at WhyPark. While we’re sorry to see these changes with AdSense, we’re excited by the doors that have been opened. We feel strongly that our new features and integrated ad network will provide tremendous value to our WhyPark community. I could ramble on for hours about all of the positive things happening and in the works at WhyPark, but we’ll continue to keep you posted as updates occur.



May 19, 2007

Found a new type of domain parking site today called

I don’t quite understand the value as compared with other type of a domain parking options.

It does however take a step in the right direction by giving the domain owner a few more options more than those available through traditional parking services like Sedo.