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2008 Election Results from Google

November 4, 2008

Google is providing 2008 Election Results for the U.S. Presidential Election at both the national and state levels.

2008 Election Results

2008 Election Results

Coverage of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate election results are also available at the state level.

2008 State Election Results

2008 State Election Results

For Live Election results as the become available, visit Google’s 2008 U.S. Election Results page.


Where Do I Vote on Election Day? Search

November 3, 2008

With Election Day fast approaching many voters are searching for answers to common voting related questions.

The most popular voting questions are:

Where do I vote?

What are voting hours / poll hours?

What time do the polls open?

Where are voting locations / polling locations?

Where am I registered to vote?

What are voting times?

Many voters are also searching for sample ballots and their local board of elections.

A great nonpartisan resource for finding out where to vote is

Can I Vote

Can I Vote

Voters can search their respective state to find their local polling place.

According to, “many election offices offer online services that match your address to your local voting site.”

I was able to locate my polling place via a search from via and my State Election board’s website by providing my last name, birth date and and Zip Code.

Polling Place Locator Search

Polling Place Locator Search

Voters from every state should be able to find the answers they need about how and where to cast their vote on Election Day from the website.

Where To Vote and Google Vote Search Box

October 25, 2008

Yesterday I wrote about Google Maps providing maps for voters showing them where to vote along with location specific voter registration information.

Today Google is giving searchers even easier access to voter information via a Google Vote Search Box under voting related search queries.

Where To Vote

Where To Vote

Voters can locate their polling place and find more information about voter registration via Google searches with these voting related phrases like these: “absentee voting”, “register to vote”, “register vote”, “vote location”, “vote locations”, “vote registration”, “voter registration” and “where do i vote”.

Americans who have internet access and can type a search into Google’s Vote Search Box should be able to find all the voting related information they need cast their vote on November 4th.