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September 8, 2008

From the DEMO Fall Conference in San Diego and

“Photrade is where photographers reclaim ownership of their photos. Photraders decide how, when, where and at what cost their photos are used online. We provide unprecedented protection for photos and offer a free photo marketplace where photographers can sell stock, prints and merchandise or use our Adcosystem (TM) where photographers get paid for every view of their photo, anywhere on the internet. Through Photrade, publications and blogs can access a fast-growing library of legally licensed, ad-supported photos. Reclaim your photos, start photrading.”

Can transform the marketing and monetization of photos like Google transformed the marketing and monetization of text? Two Thumbs Up

June 21, 2007

In a previous post I wrote about how I was unable to access the site.

I have since been able to get in and try the site out.

The service has some neat features I haven’t yet found in the other photography lab sites I have studied.

Although the site still runs a little slow and doesn’t work with my Mac + Firefox, the Disney Photo Pass site appears to be best of breed in the photo marketing industry.

Their most promising feature is the PhotoMovie. You can drag and drop up to one hundred photos into their movie builder and “star” along side a cast of Disney characters.

Disney Photo Pass Upload

Disney Photo Pass Photo Movie