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All Major Industries Job Postings Decline

April 27, 2009

Indeed Job Search Engine’s March 2009 job posting and click count data for major U.S. industries showed declines across all 12 major sectors compared to March 2008.

Accounting, Construction, Financial Services and Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Media and Newspaper, Real Estate, Retail and Transportation all experienced double digit contraction.

Major Industries Job Postings March 2009

Major Industries Job Postings March 2009 uses statistical approximations to compute their results.

As expected, the Real Estate sector showed the largest percentage decline of job postings of all industries contracting 58%.

Transportation, Media and Newspaper and Construction saw the next largest percentage drop in job postings with 43%, 43% and 42% respectively.

The only major industry to experience a single digit percentage decline was Education shrinking just 5%.

Finding Jobs on Twitter

February 26, 2009

Today while searching Twitter I discovered what was essentially a classified ad for a specific job.

Researching Twitter further, I found a variety of job offerings posted under generic searches for keywords including – jobs.

I stepped away from my computer for several hours this evening and upon returning I refreshed my browser where I found 1,364 posts had occurred with the keyword “jobs” in the Tweet.

Search Twitter For Jobs

Search Twitter For Jobs

An example of one of types of jobs I found on Twitter tonight was for an “Internship” at the White House.

White House Internship

White House Internship

Will Twitter’s platform one day evolve into an instant job messaging board?