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Katie Couric and the CBS Nightly News

September 23, 2006

In my previous post, I mentioned how the three television networks are sequencing commercial breaks for their nightly news broadcasts at the same time in their attempt to retain audience attention.

CBS however has taken this strategy to a new level.


Katie Couric.

Although I was aware CBS had hired her for its nightly new broadcast, I hadn’t yet tuned in.

After growing weary of the content coming from the other two channels, I switched to CBS. I was surprised to see Couric sitting on her news desk in a dress. The lights were low and her tones were hushed. At first, I wasn’t sure whether I had entered the right channel number or not!

Then it struck me.

In its efforts to keep from losing any more viewers, CBS has differentiated itself by resorting to seduction to sell their version of the nightly news a la Couric.

I don’t recall watching Walter Chronkite sell the news from atop his desk in a muscle shirt.

Is CBS Naked Nightly News next?


ABC, NBC and CBS Nightly News

September 23, 2006

For the last week I have been at my new lake house working on the John Wiley and Sons book For Sale By Google.

My retreat is at Lake Tenkiller in the eastern region of Oklahoma called Green Country. The closest town is Cookson, Oklahoma. The population of Cookson is 1255.

I don’t have cable television or internet service there which helps me focus on writing.

At 5:30 PM each day after writing, I would turn on the television and sample one of its five available local channels.

As an internet consumer, I have become accustomed to controlling how I consume information. If I don’t like something, I move on. I have infinite choice. This isn’t the case with television particularly when you don’t even have cable.

I decided to approach consumption of my three network television news broadcast choices in the same way I consume web news – simultaneously.

Was I in for a surprise…

With the decreasing attention span of the masses quickly approaching ADHD, the three major television networks have begun sequencing commercial breaks for their nightly news broadcasts at the same time.

What a pleasure!

What better way to retain your attention than penalizing you to switch it?

How much longer can network television expect this strategy to last?

Are the only people left watching network news broadcasts also the ones without any other channel choices?