Katie Couric and the CBS Nightly News

In my previous post, I mentioned how the three television networks are sequencing commercial breaks for their nightly news broadcasts at the same time in their attempt to retain audience attention.

CBS however has taken this strategy to a new level.


Katie Couric.

Although I was aware CBS had hired her for its nightly new broadcast, I hadn’t yet tuned in.

After growing weary of the content coming from the other two channels, I switched to CBS. I was surprised to see Couric sitting on her news desk in a dress. The lights were low and her tones were hushed. At first, I wasn’t sure whether I had entered the right channel number or not!

Then it struck me.

In its efforts to keep from losing any more viewers, CBS has differentiated itself by resorting to seduction to sell their version of the nightly news a la Couric.

I don’t recall watching Walter Chronkite sell the news from atop his desk in a muscle shirt.

Is CBS Naked Nightly News next?



3 Responses to “Katie Couric and the CBS Nightly News”

  1. danieshaughnessy Says:

    Okay, I am a sucker. Why Tenkiller? Why Cookson?
    Love the people. Love the area.

  2. cohn Says:

    Because it’s the truth. The lake is where my experience took place.

  3. danieshaughnessy Says:

    good enough.

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