Tchaikovsky Google Doodle Half Baked?

Google features a doodle today of Russian composer Tchaikovsky.

Google Doodle Tchaikovsky

Google Doodle Tchaikovsky

Clicking the image takes users who are signed into their Google account to a play list of Tchaikovsky songs.

Tchaikovsky Song List

Tchaikovsky Song List

Clicking the radio button lets searchers launch and listen to a specific Tchaikovsky song.



However, clicking on the Buy MP3 button then takes searchers to a page to buy the selected song.

Lala Service Shut Down

Lala Service Shut Down

The whole process doesn’t appear well thought out in that Google would feature a song then have it linked to a service that is  widely known to be closing on May 31.

While the image Google feature of Tchaikovsky is beautiful the process of trying to acquire a song from Google isn’t yet quite so.


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