Facebook’s Annual Revenue Per User

Facebook is approaching 500 million users worldwide.

Its been reported Facebook’s 900 employess generate revenues of close to $1 Billion annually.

With average annual revenue per user of $2.00 ($1 Billion revenue / 500 million users = $2.00) and a daily income production of .005 per user, Facebook.com’s revenue potential looks to have nowhere to go but up.



6 Responses to “Facebook’s Annual Revenue Per User”

  1. mediaengineer Says:

    Good Info Tim – Glad I found your site via Blog Maverick!


  2. MediaEngineer Says:

    IF Mr. Zuckerberg does decide to sell FB – what are the implications pertaining to acquisition of the proprietary personal profiles and information contained therein? The behavioral data of 500 million users? Stunning.

  3. MediaEngineer Says:

    or perhaps a global multinational corp?

  4. Tim Cohn Says:

    With barely $100,000 in sales per employee and unproven additional monetization schemes, all Facebook can hope to sell to either a global multinational or the public is the promise of future revenue streams from advertisers who think they’ll receive value from reaching Facebook’s audience.

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