Twitter Audience Survey

I noticed the following Twitter audience survey today while logged into Twitter on the web.

Twitter Audience Survey

Twitter Audience Survey

Clicking on the link takes Twitter users to the following seven questions:

1. On a scale of zero to ten, how likely is it that you would recommend Twitter to a friend or coworker?

2. Which of these Twitter apps have you used?

3. Which of these Twitter apps would you recommend to a friend or coworker?

4. Who do you follow?

5. Who would you like to find more of?

6. What is your primary motivation for using Twitter?

7. What is your secondary motivation for using Twitter?

The Twitter survey then asks several “optional” questions:

a. Twitter user name
b. Gender
c. Age
d. In which of these Twitter apps did you see the link to this survey?
e. Profession
f. Education
g. Country
h. Postal Code
i. Interested in helping us test new features? If so, what’s your email address? (We won’t share your email address with anyone.)

Based on the tone of their questions, would be Twitter users may not be the only ones who aren’t yet sure what Twitter’s value proposition is.



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