Why Can’t I Brand My Own Bit.ly URL Shortener?

Although shortening links with Bit.ly and sharing them on Twitter is convenient, its not quite clear to me exactly how I benefit beyond the satisfaction I receive from knowing that I have shared interesting information with others over the web.

Yes, Bit.ly provides stats which allows me to track how my links are consumed.

Yet as far as I can tell, the links I post that are found through any other method or media are stripped of its source ie., the person who thought the information was Bit.ly worthy to begin with.

Bit.ly Branding

Bit.ly Branding

I realize Bit.ly provides “Private Label URL Shorteners” through its Pro Service Beta for medium to large size publishers.

Bit.ly sends traffic to these publishers sites via a url the publisher owns.

Bit.ly Pro Beta

Bit.ly Pro Beta

However, I think the Bit.ly Pro services could go a step further.

I would like to have my own Bit.ly url shortener under one of any of the domains I own.

For example, I would like to have a Bit.ly URL shortener for myself @ TimothyCohn.com.

Bolting on a Bit.ly shortened url to the end of my brand would be highly attractive to me and possibly other marketers and businesses.

For instance – Bit.ly would shorten this post to something like – TimothyCohn.com/b4kst.

In offering this type of branded url shortener, Bit.ly would create a Win/Win/Win:

The audience wins.

Bit.ly wins.

The link poster (brand) wins.

As it stands now, Bit.ly is only a Win/Win.

The audience wins and Bit.ly wins.

Yet, link posters (brands) don’t win because their identity is masked by Bit.ly.


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