Linkedin Applications: Add A WordPress Blog To Your Profile

Several years ago Christian Mayaud invited me to join Linkedin.

When I created my account, little did I know would go on to become the defacto online business networking site – the Myspace and Facebook for working adults.

As with most new technology tools, I was slow to fully embrace Linkedin’s potential power simply because I wanted to make sure my use of Linkedin would produce results I couldn’t otherwise produce for myself.

With time as the ultimate proving ground, the Linkedin network has increasingly become worth further investment.

In a previous post, I wrote about how to join and initiate a Linkedin Groups discussion.

The Linkedin Groups tool has helped me reach and connect with Google Adwords Professionals worldwide – a group I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

The ability to have discussions about Google Adwords with other practitioners around the globe has more than justified the time required to learn and use Linkedin’s tools.

Today nearly a year after seeking collaboration with outside developers, Mountain View, CA based Linked has announced eight external applications have been integrated for use within

From the new Linkedin Applications page:

“LinkedIn Applications enable you to enrich your profile, share and collaborate with your network, and get the key insights that help you be more effective. Applications are added to your homepage and profile enabling you to control who gets access to what information.”

The eight Linkedin Applications are: Reading List by Amazon, Files, Company Buzz, Google Presentation, Blog Link, SlideShare Presentations, My Travel and of course – WordPress, hence this blog post.

I have added my blog to my profile.

Adding a WordPress blog to a Linkedin account is easy to do and can be done in just four simple steps:

1. Click on the Linkedin Applications page and click on the WordPress icon.

Linkedin WordPress

Linkedin WordPress

2. Click add application and check whether or not you would like your WordPress blog displayed on your profile page and homepage.



3. Enter your WordPress blog address. Check whether you want all of your recent posts displayed or just posts tagged with Linkedin.

Linkedin Blog Posts

Linkedin Blog Posts

4. Save your settings and you will see your blog feed displayed with your previous selections featured.

Linkedin Profile

Linkedin Profile

Upon completion of these steps, visitors who view your Linkedin profile and home page (if selected) will see your WordPress blog posts.

Adding any one of these external applications to your Linkedin account can only help expand the network effects Linkedin delivers to its still growing community.


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