Yahoo Search Marketing: Searching for the Smart Start Guide

I went to the Yahoo Search Marketing blog for refresher tips on how to optimize Yahoo search marketing pay per click accounts.

Their most recent blog post gave some general ideas on how to improve an ads quality index.

From the Yahoo Search Marketing blog:

“Improve your ad quality by grouping related keywords
If you group your keywords the right way (by themes, such as product or service type, or special offers) and achieve high quality, you could receive a better rank in search results and/or a lower bid.”

These tips along with many others come from Yahoo’s Smart Start Guide.

The Smart Start Guide according to Yahoo, “is a guidebook geared especially toward the beginning search marketer, but it also offers tips for the more advanced Yahoo! Search Marketing advertiser.”

The Yahoo Smart Start Guide chapters include:

  • Getting to know your Yahoo account
  • Building a foundation with strong keywords
  • Organizing ad groups for success
  • Writing effective Yahoo ads
  • Making sure your Yahoo ads are high quality
  • Matching keywords to your customers’ searches
  • Determining effective bids
  • Targeting your Yahoo ads geographically
  • Advertising on content sites other than
  • Tracking your Yahoo results

The Yahoo Search Marketing blog then provides a link to download a pdf version of the Smart Start Guide.

Unfortunately numerous attempts to download the Smart Start Guide to Yahoo’s pay per click advertising system, I ended up with an unreadable pdf document.



I don’t know why the pdf failed, but I don’t think the download error occurred on my end.

Hopefully the Yahoo Search Marketing blog team will receive news of this blog post ping and fix their Smart Start Guide pdf download.

Otherwise, I will have to keep searching for answers to my Yahoo pay per click advertising questions elsewhere.

Update: Jeff the Yahoo Search Marketing blog editor contacted me and suggested I use Adobe Acrobat to open their Smart Start Guide which I did – successfully.

Apparently, my Apple Reader has some compatibility issues with viewing that particular Yahoo pdf.

Thanks Jeff…


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