Political Message Metrics

Attributor.com has developed an interesting method for measuring political messages and their efficacy by identifying how well and often a particular candidates message travels ie., is copied and pasted across the web.

It looks like Attributor originally developed their service for content publishers who were looking to track and potentially monetize their “re-purposed” content.

Since the world wide web is the world’s largest copying machine, its reasonable to conclude the messages that are copied and re-purposed the most across the world wide web are those messages which reached and resonated with the most members of the world wide web’s audience.

I think it would be hard to argue there is no larger – albeit fragmented – audience in the world.

Other than sales produced, what better way to measure the reach and efficacy of a particular message whether it be a political message or brand message than to see how often it is repeated and in this case – copied?

Attribute’s system helps publishers monitor, find and measure copied content.

Shouldn’t every web content producer be using tools like Attributor to measure the impact I dare say content theft has on their bottom line?

Screen shots from the Attributor demo:

Monitor Content

Monitor Content

Monitor Content

Find Content

Find Content

Find Content

Copied Content

Copied Content

Copied Content

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