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Twitter Landing Pages

August 21, 2009

Several weeks ago while posting here I wondered aloud about the whereabouts of a business model for seemingly non-stop Twitter Tweeters.

One particular Twitter account I follow has posted over 66,452 Tweets.

Seemingly half of his Tweets are quotes while the balance appear to be general interest news stories.

I had clicked through to his Twitter page several times but had never clicked on one of his shortened urls until tonight.

In doing so, I believe I found the source of his passion for posting so many Tweets: A Twitter Landing Page.

Not just a web page with filled with quotes or news but a web page filled with Google Adsense Ad units.

Twitter Landing Pages

Twitter Landing Pages

On the surface, it doesn’t look like much but with 66,000+ optimized Tweets in the wild it may explain why this particular Twitter account holder is so prolific.