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October 2008 WordPress Blog Traffic Stats

November 1, 2008

This blog: Search Marketing Communications generated its second highest month in terms of traffic during October 2008 with 11,664 views.

Previously, this WordPress blog’s highest trafficked month was September 2008 with 22,897 views.

Roughly half as many views occurred during October 2008 as compared with September 2008, however combined traffic totals from these two months alone have generated 34,561 views – slightly over 1/3 of all blog traffic received since inception.

By the end of October 2008, had been viewed 86,750 times since its launch in September 2006.

In its first month of existence this blog had 1,593 total views.

October 2008 traffic was 7 times greater than September 2006 traffic.

Few people subscribe to this blog, thus the vast majority (an estimated 99% or greater) found this blog through some type of search query, which is why this blog is titled:

“Search Marketing Communications”

Search Traffic October 2008

Search Traffic October 2008

Second Largest Month Blog Search Traffic: 11,664 Views

October 2008 Total Blog Traffic

October 2008 Total Blog Traffic

Total Search Traffic October 2008