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iGoogle RSS Feed Ads

November 28, 2008

Over the last week, I began using the inline view feature in iGoogle to scan RSS articles without having to click through to the source site.

I prefer gathering, viewing and reading web site content through iGoogle over Google Reader because I can see hundreds of articles at a time and decide which ones I want to read.

iGoogle RSS

iGoogle RSS

By clicking the inline viewing feature within the feed box, I can read the entire article within my browser without leaving my aggregated feeds page.

Recently I noticed my Wall Street Journal Media and Marketing feeds have been accompanied by display ads from Google Analytics.

iGoogle RSS Ads

iGoogle RSS Ads

Pushing display ads through iGoogle feeds is innovative.

However after having clicked through to the Wall Street Journal site to see the display ad, I wasn’t able to find it.

Few if any of my other RSS feeds are getting their site’s display ads pushed through my iGoogle feed.

I wonder why?


Google Launches Analytics Help Forum

November 25, 2008

The Official Google Analytics Blog announced today they have established a Google Analytics help forum.

Google Analytics Help

Google Analytics Help

Google Analytics users can ask questions and get answers from both Google employees and other Analytics users.

With the launch of this new Analytics Help Forum, the old Analytics Help Group has been closed to new questions but will still be available for informational searches.

The new help forum will have a “Best Answers” feature (as voted by the community) so the best responses gain the most visibility.

Another feature includes a “Related Questions” list which appears as forum participants enter their questions.

Analytics Help also provides a list of top searches for discovering answers to common Google Analytics questions.

Google Analytics Help Forum

Google Analytics Help Forum

Providing this type of searchable knowledge base to Google Analytics users should help both Google and their Analytics user base.