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GeoTextual: Geo Targeted Contextual Advertising

August 19, 2010

After reading ad nauseam about Facebook Places and how their new service is going to do this or do that, I have reached a conclusion or two.

The first is that regardless of what the feature does for consumers, Places will become the basis of GeoTextual advertising.


Since Facebook is a content display platform -not a search appliance – the best they can hope for vis-a-vis reaching an audience with relevant advertising is contextual and maybe eventually behavioral advertising.

Short of all out behavioral targeting and in order to further woo brands to its advertising platform – Facebook will need to provide additional audience coordinates through user “features” like Places.

When they do, Facebook will have content and consumer location but not their intent.

Short of consumer intent they will have to sell it as GeoTextually targeted and thus “relevant” advertising.

Whether the product as decribed materializes anytime soon remains to be seen.


Adwords Examples on Google Maps

October 11, 2008

I was giving a presentation in Utah last week using Google Local Search and Google Maps as examples which evidently included new distribution points for Adwords advertising.

In the examples below, you can see an Adwords ad displayed in two locations in both types of Google Maps products being searched.

A search for Trump Soho Hotel in Google Maps produces two Adwords advertisers ads – one in the top left corner above Google’s local search results with the other ad below the map itself.

Trump Soho Hotel Google Maps

Trump Soho Hotel Google Maps

The same search in Google Street View also generates two Google Ads in the same locations as in the Google Map view search.

Trump Soho Hotel Google Maps Street View

Trump Soho Hotel Google Maps Street View

Its not clear to me as a Google Adwords advertiser just how I can get my ads distributed and displayed in these local map search results.

None of my geo-targeted Adwords campaigns are generating these types of ad distribution results.