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New Google Adwords Updated Interface Graph Option Metrics

February 12, 2009

I have been using the Google Adwords Updated Interface for several weeks now and have come to appreciate its speed and data display features.

I opened my first Adwords account March 5, 2002 and if I recall correctly I think the Updated Beta version – excluding the initial Adwords product and then the addition of the My Client Center dashboard –  is just Google’s second incarnation of their Adwords account interface.

New to this latest version of Google Adwords is Graph Options viewing of account data.

Adwords advertisers can view one or two of their campaign’s metrics from within their account under any of their campaign tabs.

Being able to drill down into an Adwords account and visualize data whether in ad groups, keywords, networks or ads saves both clicks and time.

Google Adwords Updated Interface Graph Options Metrics

Google Adwords Updated Interface Graph Options Metrics

With Graph Options Metrics buttons advertisers can see a combination of two sets of data at once.

The nine account performance metrics available within Google Adwords new Graph Options are:

Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Avg. CPC, Cost, Avg. position, Conversions, Cost/conv. and Conv. rate.