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June 7, 2007

I just spent eight days vacationing with my wife and kids at DisneyWorld in Orlando, Fl.

I like going to Disney World or Disney Land once a year. Not only do I get to have fun with my family while my kids are still young enough to enjoy it, I also get to see what customer service innovations Disney has come up with.

This year I saw a couple of things I hadn’t seen before including the Disney Photo Pass.

Having done work for event photography innovator Candid Color Systems and Party Pics, I was curious to see just exactly how Disney event photography services generate additional revenue for their parks.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to access their site to see or purchase my photos let alone learn how their service functions.

I refreshed my browser and tried again to no avail.

It isn’t often I experience the type of error message I received while trying to access the Disney site.

For the time being, this loyal Disney customer is taking a pass on Disney’s Photo Pass.