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September 8, 2006

Jay Baldwin the designer of the Ford Econoline camper has created a new type of pickup camper. As expected, his Quickup Camper has met resistance in both the pickup camper and recreational vehicle markets. The ability of an industry to embrace innovation corresponds with its history of having innovated in the past.

This is both a blessing and a curse for the new product developer. On the one hand, industries which show little or no aptitude for creative and innovative thinking are by definition ripe for having their markets disrupted.

On the other hand in industries where creativity and innovation are required for survival each new product introduction can only hope to disrupt.

Product launches in either market have their challenges.

My recommendations for launching the Quickup Camper are as follows:

1. Change the name. The status quo will not willingly allow disruption of their market from within their market with their language. This rules out camper and recreational vehicle term mashups.

2. Clearly define the target market and buyer. Is the market for this product really the camper? If so, construct a new brand name from within their lexicon. Getting mature campers to embrace change sounds like an uphill battle to me. This leaves the 18 to 45 year old market. Since the product has a 21st century look, co-opt 21st century language to brand it. Campod, Pickupod or Popupod could get a lot of mileage.

3. Announce your new product to the media. Lead the audience to your website. Forward prospective buyer information to potential dealers to create your own distribution network.