ReTweetings: February 11, 2010

The following are my Tweets from Thursday February 11, 2010.

AdWords Agency Blog: Help clients spread a little love this Valentine’s Day

@localseoguide Yep! I had to get some work done today so I didn’t get to do much reading / posting.

Google AdSense now uses hours of search history – Feb. 11, 2010

World Ad Conference Examines Cross-Media Audience Metrics

December 2009 U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services

Facebook and Twitter Compete for Olympic Glory – Bits Blog –

Meet The First Miners of the New Social Graph –

Stanford Finds Computer Science Students Cheat More Than Others –

Thursday, February 11, 2010 Gmail Buzz: Mixing Real Life And Your Preferred Discussion Group In All the Wrong Ways?

Efficient Frontier Insights: CPC – January 2010

Getting good behavior from your ad network

Chrome Passes Safari: A Closer Look Quantcast Blog

A Video Tour of the Google LBC Category Preview Tool | Understanding Google Maps & Local Search

Local Onliner » Associated Content: ‘Local is a Differentiator’

My Google Profile

IPG Goes with Microsoft’s Atlas for Ad Management – ClickZ

RT @mattcutts: If you just got a Nexus One at #ted, you need to try Google Sky Map: It’s a planetarium in your pocket.

Google’s Display-Ad Sales Should Top $1 Billion –

Coremetrics:BusinessWeek – The Effect of Disconnect Online Marketing Measurement in a Time of Change

ShopNBC launches mobile e-commerce site, iPhone app update –

Can web traffic predict Grammy winners?

Five jobs for Internet enthusiasts –

Frank Magid Turned TV News Into Entertainment –

What Works in Online Video – eMarketer

AOL ‘Friends’ Facebook – A partnership means more ad revenue for both companies.

Agency News: Omnicom CEO Says Worst of Recession Behind Us – Agency News – Advertising Age

How Much Are Domain Names For Advertising Campaigns Worth? 02/11/2010

Advertising: Apple Sets Out to Reinvent Mobile Ads

Needed: A New Science for Valuing Content – Advertising Age – DigitalNext

Microsoft Marketing Group Names a Chief Creative Officer – Advertising Age – Digital

Digital Coupon Growth Outpaces Inserts

Making the Most of Earned Media – eMarketer

Why You Need a Strategy for Social Media – eMarketer

The Most Efficient iPhone Developers – O’Reilly Radar

Hitwise Intelligence – Traffic Lifts from Super Bowl Ads North America

Google Validates SEO Consulting – John Andrews –

PositionApp Helps Developers Track App Store Performance On The Go

Why Brands are Becoming Media

YouTube Blog: Speed Matters: Introducing the YouTube Video Speed Dashboard

Google Conversion Room: Improve your web-forms and increase conversions

Bing: “We Do Not Index 302 Redirected Pages”

Iran Tweets Engulf Twitter | Sarmad Ali | Voices | AllThingsD

Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog » Speaking of Search

Google AdSense: Thanks for your feedback on the AdSense Product Ideas page

Google AdWords: Bid ideas now in the Opportunities tab

YouTube Biz Blog: It’s Almost #subsaturday! Join Us on Twitter

Google rebuts DOJ objections to digital book deal – Yahoo! News

Google Code Blog: Announcing Google Chart Tools

Bing – Spatial Search: The Next Frontier – Search Blog – Bing Community

Google tweaks Buzz privacy settings | Relevant Results – CNET News

Facebook, Twitter Grow More than 100%

Google LatLong: Imagery update

Official Google Blog: Simple wedding planning with Google Docs

RT @louisgray: New Blog Post: Twitter Hires Web Search Guru Krishna Gade from Bing /cc @krishnagade

RT @msaleem: Apple counts down to 10 billion songs sold:

RT @michaelgass: Ad Agencies: 5 Ways to Find Prospects on Twitter

RT @LinkedIn: NEWS! RT @pab5482 welcomes our 60 millionth LinkedIn member from the Groningen Area in the Netherlands.

@DanGordon will have to see what a day’s worth of Tweets does over there…

@DanGordon Got it… thx

RT @jordanayan: WOW – Google just gave us Nexus phones at #TED – I feel like I am on Oprah…Thanks Google. Great Marketing.

RT @ilamont: That’s strange. You can email other people’s Buzz items to non-Buzzers, and they’ll see everything. Like Twitter in that it …

@DanGordon I don’t see “connected sites”

How do I copy my tweets to buzz? I don’t like to do the same work twice.

Official Gmail Blog: Millions of Buzz users, and improvements based on your feedback

U.S. Searches Per Capita Per Month (SPCPM)

From comScore: In the January analysis of the top properties where search activity is observed, Google Sites led the search market with more than 14 billion search queries, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 2.7 billion queries and Microsoft Sites with 1.8 billion searches. Bing experienced large growth during the month with an 11-percent increase in query … Read more

Email as Identity: Google Turns on WebFinger

AppleInsider | Google pays Apple $100M/year for search on iPhone – rumor

@graywolf because its the Noise Age.

RT @HelenWalters: nathan myhrvold shows high speed camera view of mosquito. “by understanding how they fly, we understand how to make th …

RT @pkafka: Veoh CEO Dmitry Shapiro confirms shutdown plans — but doesn’t blame Universal Music for his demise.

RT @loic: already updates Google Buzz instantly from txt, apps, email

@danpenasr Klaus Kleinfeld on NBR is the US.

Klaus Kleinfeld on NBR

U.S. Searches Per Capita Per Month (SPCPM):

RT @mediagrowthinc: Twitter Application Hacked

RT @brainpicker: #TED David Byrne shows the cathedral Bach wrote most of his music for. Acoustics allowed to change keys without dissonance

RT @CIOsConnect: MSFT survey revealed Moscow is the biggest place to buy pirated copies of Windows 7 & more than 25% of the dealers in t …

RT @loic: kids spend 10,000 hours playing games before leaving school = same amount of hours as at… school! #ted

RT @PaulSloane: Don’t waste money on expensive ipods. Simply choose a song you like and hum it to yourself. To switch tracks hum a diffe …

RT @brainpicker: #TED Jane McGonigal: Gamers are virtuosos of weaving a tight social fabric. Research shows we like someone more if we p …

RT @danmartell: 5.9 million years has been spent playing the game World of Warcraft #TED #WoW

RT @TheCMOclub: 32 New CMOs joined the club in January –

MySpace Signal Strength:

RT @sdmatt: @Google is all set to roll-out its Google Wave & Voice to its Google Apps web service customers: #finally

Taming Twitter’s Streams With Automated Web Sites –

Social Web Blog: Who’s @ Google I/O: spotlight on Social Web (including Buzz)

RT @missrogue: “Networks have value. They are a kind of social capital.” Christakis #ted

RT @MRMWorldwide: Some people erasing their online selves and ditching social networks; cite privacy and time-consumption as reasons. ht …

RT @buzzblog: PayPal reversing India payments; here’s why… (via @richi ) #digg

RT @MediaweekDotCom: Break Media Acquires FileFront

RT @krishgm: the news channels reach new depths of awfulness…cutting to live coverage of Alexander McQueen’s body being carried into t …

RT @dnghub: “You are not entitled to your own facts” Michael Specter #Ted #tedactive

RT @lax13: The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win. Roger Bannister

RT @newsycombinator: Every time an engineer joins Google, a startup dies

RT @adCenter: Google Buzz Is Off As Bing Bites – Fighting Words from @webcertain & @andyatkinskruge 😉

RT @ericgoldman: In North Face v. South Butt, the court denied a motion to dismiss and warned defense counsel about frivolity http://bit

RT @guardianmusic: Google closes six music blogs without warning

The Newsonomics of social media optimization » Nieman Journalism Lab

Mixpanel Raises Seed Funding From Metrics Gurus Max Levchin And Michael Birch

National Newspapers Ink Deals for Hyper-Local Neighborhood Pages – MediaBuyerPlanner

Bing Gives Microsoft Renewed Search Traction

Slower Wages Equal Lower Spending

Rise of the Demand-Side Service Layer

Bing Updates Webmaster FAQs Into 82 Questions

MySpace Now ly Worth Less Than Murdoch Paid For It (If It’s Worth Anything At All)

Most Popular Twitter Apps – oneforty

Digital Shift in Marketing Budgets 02/10/2010

Facebook Hit With More Privacy Lawsuits In The Wake Of Changing Users’ Settings 02/11/2010

Zynga Buys Social Gaming Startup Serious Business

300,000,000 Downloads Later, OpenOffice Ships Version 3.2

How Biz Stone Promoted Twitter in 2006 [FUNNY]

Flickr Is Now 6 Years Old

Web Strategy Matrix: Google Buzz vs Facebook vs MySpace vs Twitter (Feb 2010) « Social Media, Web Marketing

20 Fantastic Usability & Conversion Analysis Tools | Spyre Studios

Google Buzz Social Icons for Bloggers and Designers | chethStudios

Fwix Launches API For Realtime Hyperlocal News

Google AdWords: Go Mobile! Series: Optimize for mobile with Google Analytics

Google Chrome Releases: Beta Update: Mac and Linux

How Much Will Google’s Fiber Network Cost? – GigaOM

Google Acquires Aardvark For $50 million

RT @NiemanLab: 6 trends in newspaper earnings: ads down, online mixed, revenue down, expenses down, profits up, stocks up

Google Buzz: The Good, Bad, & Ugly Reactions



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