Crowdsourcing Ideas and Job Descriptions @BestBuy

Today I received a tweet from Barry Judge Chief Marketing Officer of Best Buy regarding Best Buy’s experience in their attempts to establish a new position called Sr. Manager, Emerging Media Marketing.

After the job was initially posted, Best Buy received community feedback about applicants’ educational and experience required for qualification.

Best Buy has since decided to crowdsource the job’s description and qualifications to the social media community via their BestBuy IdeaX site.

How the Best Buy Idea X site works:

How IdeaX Exchange Works

How IdeaX Exchange Works

For those interested in participating in the process, Judge has posted directions and guidelines for participating in the crowdsourcing of the Emerging Media Marketing manager job on his blog.

Senior Manager Emerging Media Marketing Besty Buy

Senior Manager Emerging Media Marketing Besty Buy

Judge also provides four reasons why Best Buy decided to take the route they have with this particular job opening:

Why on earth would we do this?

1. No, not because we’re lazy, we just recognize that a large group of people will come up with more ideas than a small group. We’d like help thinking through the important and relevant stuff for this job.

2. This role is a new one for us as it likely is for other companies. We have a lot of smart and social media savvy people here and amongst our partners and friends.  However, there are a larger number of smart and social media savvy people “out there”. So instead of thinking we know it all, we’d like to increase our chances of getting it right by surveying the wisdom of the industry.

3. One of our recruiters Joshua Kahn announced this role via Twitter a couple weeks ago. Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang, Jason Falls, and others it spawned dozens of re-tweets and at least a couple of blog posts. Pretty incredible buzz considering it’s a job posting. Many people had alternative ideas for us; good ideas. We thought it would be an interesting experiment to be more deliberate about capturing and actually using those ideas.

4. Based on the buzz, we also thought, it would be a great way to spread the message that we’re hiring for this role.

Ultimately, Best Buy is looking for help with this project from the social media community in three areas: Description of responsibilities basic qualifications and required qualifications.

For more information about helping Best Buy decribe and recruit a Senior Manager, Emerging Media Marketing, visit Barry Judge’s blog.


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