Search Real Estate Listings on Google Maps

Matt McGee @Search Engine Land reports Google Maps has added searchable real estate listings.

To search Google Maps for real estate listings in your area, enter your location in the search box and click show search options. The drop down tool box will show Locations, Businesses, User-created content, Related Maps, Mapped web pages and lastly – Real Estate.

Google Maps Real Estate Listings

Google Maps Real Estate Listings

Clicking the “Real Estate” tab will then produce a search results map with all the real estate listings Google has available for that particular location.

Google Maps Real Estate Listings Search

Google Maps Real Estate Listings Search

This new Google Maps feature lets visitors search and parse real estate listing data by Non-Foreclosure / Foreclosure, the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and by square footage range.

Driving directions can be generated for a specific real estate listing by clicking its respective push pin.

Google Real Estate Listing Data

Google Real Estate Listing Data

As McGee notes, listing data can then be sent to an email address, phone, GPS device or car.

Only two car manufacturers are supported – BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

As an owner of a S550 Mercedes-Benz, I decided to investigate whether or not I could send Google Real Estate listing data to my car or not…

Turns out I couldn’t.

Sending Google data to a Mercedes-Benz requires a Tele-Aid account which I elected not to renew after my first year subscription expired.

If I were a real estate agent, I would consider renewing my Tele-Aid account to show perpective home buyers the Google Maps Real Estate Listing data while driving through neighborhoods showing them the homes listed for sale.


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