Top 50 Riskiest Search Terms

Security firm McAfee has released its list of the top 50 riskiest search terms most likely to lead to searchers to malware or virus spawning websites.

Top 50 Riskiest Search Terms

Top 50 Riskiest Search Terms

How McAfee conducted its study:

McAfee analyzed the first five search results pages across 2,600 popular keywords across the most popular search engines. Both organic and paid listings were incorporated into the analysis, and more than 413,000 unique URLs were checked for potential risk.

According to McAfee:

Work from home searches can be as much as four time more risky than the average for all popular terms. And on average, these searches are 50% more risky than other popular terms.

Work From Home Search Terms and Risk

Work From Home Search Terms and Risk

With the current economic crisis affecting millions of people, work from home searches appear likely to produce more malware and virus problems for the people least equipped to deal with additional burdens – the unemployed.


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