Google Affiliate Network Blog

Yesterday while searching through Google blog properties, I came across a Google blog I hadn’t yet seen: The Google Affiliate Network Blog.

However, when I arrived on the site its home page was blank.

Google Affiliate Network Blog

Google Affiliate Network Blog

What is the Google Affiliate Network?

For Publishers:

Google Affiliate Network enables advertising relationships between publishers and advertisers.

As a Google Affiliate Network publisher, you can add an advertiser’s banner or text link on your site. When a transaction, such as a sign-up or purchase, occurs through one of these affiliate links, Google Affiliate Network will track the sale and pay you a commission or bounty.

For Advertisers:

Google acquired the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate operations in March 2008. Together, we’re creating new opportunities for monetization, expansion, and innovation in affiliate marketing.

Performics was founded as the first full-service affiliate network in 1998 and was acquired by DoubleClick in 2004. Today Performics Affiliate operates as Google Affiliate Network and remains committed to delivering affiliate channel growth for advertisers and publishers.

Today the Google Affiliate Network Blog was repopulated with its most recent post: “Update Your Google Affiliate Network Sign-in to a Google Account.

Google Affiliate Network Blog

Google Affiliate Network Blog

However, in the time since the Google Affiliate Network blog’s content went missing, its Feedburner reader count dropped from 661 to 631.

The post that went missing still isn’t displaying in iGoogle feeds either.

iGoogle Feed

iGoogle Feed



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