Google Maps Increases Results from 10 to 1000

The Google LatLong blog announced Google Maps has increased search results from 10 to 1000.

1000 Google Maps Results

1000 Google Maps Results

From Google Maps:

…we’ve added a search layer for local search results that activates when there are more relevant results than we can show on one page. Instead of just plotting the first page of business results on our map, we plot more of them as small circles. You can click on the circles to get more information about the businesses they represent. The top ten results will still appear in the left-hand pane and as pins on the map.

According to Greg Sterling and comScore, Google Maps recently surpassed MapQuest with 42.3 unique visitors compared to MapQuests 41.5 million unique visitors in January 2009 to become the most visited maps site on the web.

Surely this new addition of data to Google Maps will continue to increase its traffic, sessions and page views to further solidify its lead over MapQuest .


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