Size Matters?

Today while returning from a week long ski vacation in Colorado, I noticed another billboard advertising company’s billboard pitching the merits of outdoor (billboard) advertising.

Their pitch?

Advertising: Size Matters.

The billboard’s message obviously referred to the size of the billboard and it efficacy to presumably deliver its message more effectively than other alternatives?

Granted a large advertising message emblazoned on a highway billboard will be more effective at delivering its message than the same message being delivered by a billboard half or one quarter the size.

However, in this day and age of precise real time internet ad targeting the traditional advertising media’s argument that message delivery to an audience matters more than audience targeted messaging is outdated at best and misinformed at worst.



One Response to “Size Matters?”

  1. whereimat Says:

    I’ve been seeing bunches of those too … in sizable chunks of three states.

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