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Possibly The Worst Television Commercial Ever Conceived: Celebrex

April 12, 2009

Its bad enough that network television has basically become the channel of choice for the pharmaceutical industry to distribute their magic pill messages to the masses.

Try watching a major network news cast without being bombarded by Pharma Ads for every known real and imaginery disease.

Without the Pharmaceutical industry, where would Network television be?

Probably break even.

With their latest Celebrex ad, Pfizer has taken their messaging to new lows by creating the extended play sales message / this drug may kill you television ad.

Its the most obnoxious television ad I can ever recall enduring.

I am sure their ad agency has argued it gets viewers attention and creates word of mouth.

Yep – It does.

Problem is – its negative attention and although this blog post isn’t considered word of mouth – their ad caused me to go out of my way to write about how much I hated it – and by association – their product: Celebrex.

Under what stretch of the imagination would this blog post be considered good for the Celebrex brand?

Or this YouTube post with all its accompanying comments?

Maybe if your a Pharmaceutical company there isn’t any such thing.

Developing commercials that don’t make viewers angry for being subjected to them might be a start in the right direction.