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New: Google TV Ads Campaign Builder

November 24, 2009

The Google TV Ads blog has announced a new feature called Campaign Builder.

From Google:

What if you could have a custom TV campaign created for you in minutes that optimally reaches your target audience? We’re pleased to unveil Campaign Builder, a new Google TV Ads feature which enables advertisers to create targeted campaigns in just a few minutes.

Google TV Ads Campaign Builder

Google TV Ads Campaign Builder

How to get started with Google TV Ads Campaign Builder:

Navigate to Campaign Builder underneath the “Add Targets” tab of any TV campaign. Then specify your target audience demographics, interests, and/or Nielsen PRIZM clusters. Campaign Builder will produce a comprehensive list of dayparts and TV programs that reach your specified audience in the highest concentrations. What’s more, the tool will automatically set strategic bids to increase your likelihood of winning optimal targets and spending your budget. After that, one click is all it takes to port the selected targets and bids into a newly created campaign that can begin running immediately.

Google offers two different tools for creating TV ads either a self-service tool called SpotMixer or they will help find a vendor to create an ad for you.

Watch this video “How To Create A TV Ad” to learn more about creating TV ads in the new Google Adwords Interface: