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21st Century Newsstand and Newsrack

April 5, 2009

I went to buy a newspaper from the trusty newsrack near my lakehouse I had bought papers from for several years and discovered it had been removed.

I initially thought it was a store related issue so I drove to the next location several miles away only to find it too was gone.

I asked the store owner about the newsracks whereabouts and learned all of the newstands for the “state’s newspaper” had been removed to reduce costs.

I would make the trip to buy the paper more out of habit than necessity.

Why buy a newspaper when you can get all of the same information on a laptop or handheld without the trip, time or cost?

I guess the state’s newspaper along with every other newspaper are now asking the very same question too.

Introducing the 21st Century Newsstand and Newsrack:

21st Century Newstand

21st Century Newstand