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Looking For An Ad Agency? Google Can Help

July 13, 2010

I was looking at my Google Adwords campaign data and noticed a referral for the search query SEM Agency (Search Engine Marketing Agency).

A quick Google search for SEM Agency produced the first Adwords ad I had seen from Google promoting its Google AdWords Certified Partners program.

Looking for an Ad Agency?

Looking for an Ad Agency?

I was one of the first people worldwide to receive the original Google Qualified Individual designations shortly after Google announced its program.

I qualified for certification again several years later and then let my status lapse.

Coincidentally for the past two weeks, I have been reviewing all of the Google Adwords Certified Partners program materials in preparation for taking the two tests necessary for gaining Certified Partner status – again.

While I never received any business from Google for being a Google Adwords Professional in the past, I think the Google Agency program and their marketing of it might now finally have some benefits for company’s like mine.

In the interim, if you want to search for a Google Adwords Certified Partner, Google provides a convenient way to search for partners @ the Google Adwords Partners Search page.

Find Google AdWords Certified Partners

Find Google AdWords Certified Partners